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Spike’s new RF Mapping analysis mode, and frequency hopping I/Q acquisition for the SM200 via API

Updates to Signal Hound’s custom applications are ongoing. Our talented engineering team continues to add industry-standard features to both our valuable (FREE) Spike RF analysis software, and the Signal Hound SDK. Hit the road with Spike’s new RF mapping feature Recently, our team of software ninjas added an incredible new feature to Spike – RF

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EMC Precompliance Testing Experience Enhanced in Spike 3.1.7 Update

While not a sweeping update to the spectrum analyzer software, Spike 3.1.7 does bring quite a few changes to the table – especially in the area of EMC precompliance testing. Satisfying one of our most requested features, EMC Precompliance analysis mode now offers more configurable path loss tables—twice as many, in fact—for a total of

What is a multimeter?

A multimeter is an essential tool for electrical engineers and helps measure various electrical quantities such as voltage, current, and resistance. It is a versatile device that combines several measurement functions into one unit, making it convenient and efficient for troubleshooting and testing electrical circuits. Understanding a multimeter’s essential components and functions is crucial for

New Signal Hound LabVIEW Virtual Instrument Drivers

We’re happy to finally offer something that’s been on our To-Do list for quite a while now—powerful, fully functional Signal Hound virtual instrument drivers for the industry-standard LabVIEW® software from National Instruments®. These free drivers offer a direct connection to the functions of the Signal Hound API within the context of the LabVIEW visual programming

An Introduction to Practical Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Tech Brief Now Available for Download

Earlier in 2016 we published a series of blog posts introducing real-time spectrum analysis to those who may not fully understand its many concepts. It is a four-part series covering topics such as the basics of spectrum analyzers, channel power, occupied bandwidth, and real-time analysis, amongst others. Last month, we condensed those posts into a

Fine-tuning your Emergency Communications Setup and Knowledge with Commsprepper

YouTube publisher Commsprepper knows his stuff when it comes to emergency communications. One glance at his list of videos reveals a guy who is not only varied in his knowledge of wireless field operations, but also extremely passionate. Amateur radio enthusiasts are a large subset of Commsprepper’s followers, and for good reason. While the spin

EMC Precompliance with a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer Part 2 — How PC-Driven USB RTSAs Enable Low-Cost And Efficient EMC Precompliance

This is the second post in a series where we take a look at EMI and EMC precompliance using real time spectrum analyzers. Recent advances in PC-driven USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSAs) have enabled low-cost and efficient EMC precompliance testing and EMI identification with just a few simple tricks. All you would need is an

EMC Precompliance with a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer Part 1 — What Is EMC/EMI And EMC Precompliance?

This is the first post in a series where we take a look at EMI and EMC precompliance using real time spectrum analyzers. Virtually every electronic device, and many non-electronic and natural phenomenon, produce electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can, intentionally or otherwise, interfere with proper electronics operation—electromagnetic interference (EMI). Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the study

Blog Series: EMC Precompliance with a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

If you’re building electronic hardware or devices intended for public use, you’ll need to pass a certification of some sort that verifies your device is within the electromagnetic interference (EMI) guidelines established by your country. Without this certification your device will legally never make it to market. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the overarching engineering concerned

Practical Real Time Spectrum Analyzer Applications Part 3 — Capturing Digital Signals with RTSAs and Vector Signal Analysis Tools

This is the third and final post in a multi-part blog series where we take a look at a few practical applications of spectrum analyzers. All wireless telecommunication signals undergo modulation in order to impart a data stream within the RF/microwave carrier. Many modern devices rely on digital modulation techniques in order to efficiently transfer

Review of Signal Hound’s EMC Precompliance Testing Capabilities by Southwest EMI

Glen Gassaway of Southwest EMI in Mesa, Arizona, recently reviewed the new EMC precompliance analysis mode in our Spike software. The verdict? Well, we like this quote: “Throughout the evaluation, I had absolutely no issue with the software hanging up or lagging. All measurements I took seemed very reasonable. The EMC module is well written