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As a hardware developer, we love real-world use cases. The reason for this is pretty obvious. It takes a lot of time, energy, and financial resources to build new hardware. If we have enough feedback from folks letting us know exactly what they want and how they want to use a device, we can design and build a device to fit the requirements. This gives us direction during development, and peace-of-mind knowing that there’s a demand for the device upon launch.

Now, we can’t cater to every use case, obviously, but we’ve discovered that if enough people want something for a specific reason, it’s probably safe to build the device for this specific reason. Hence the reason we love use cases.

Trade shows are great for this. We’re exposed to use cases all day long. People working with LTE. University professors running labs. Folks doing interference hunting in aircraft at 20,000 feet. We listen to amazing stories all day long at these shows, and it really helps guide us in our business decisions. Today was especially educational for us and we learned some great things.

Finding out how customers use their devices

So, how you measurin’ RF?

Meet the press

For those that haven’t been before, trade shows are also great for meeting the media outlets and news editors. While most of us on the floor are sitting and chatting with people in our booths, the editors are typically running circles around the floor, moving from booth to booth to collect the info on the latest and greatest. The news editors are definitely the ones taking advantage of any exercise opportunities at IMS.

We had the opportunity to meet with several editors today and had a great time chatting with them. In the high-tech space competition is fierce, and you have to rely on the media outlets to deliver information about your company and its products via the web, social media, and print outlets. Without the hard work of these folks it would be a lot harder of a fight, and we appreciate them fully.

Good company

I think I’ve mentioned before how great trade shows are for running into cool people, and today we ran into one of the coolest. Sergey Klypin of BNC Engineering in Sammamish, WA was at the show and we had a most excellent time chatting with him. Our sister company, Test Equipment Plus, works with Sergey on repairs on occasion, and its easy to see why. A super-nice, super-smart (really smart!) guy. 

Hanging with the Sergey

Bruce chatting with PNW test equipment extraordinaire Sergey Klypin

Planning for Philly

We also signed up for next year’s IMS booth today. This was rather eventful as we increased our booth size from 10’x10’ to 10’x20’ – something we decided was necessary to fit all of our products and representatives. The show is in Philadelphia next year, so it’s going to be another great venue.

The Signal Hound Booth in Philly

Philly next year… with 2X the square footage we’re used to!

We’re also thinking about upgrading to matching green shirts next year… whaddya think about that? ?

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