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Expand your testing capabilities! Check out the affordable and excellent performing 12 GHz RF probe from Auburn Technology.

  • Low Distortion, Passive RF Design
  • Light RF Loading Characteristics
  • Internal 50V DC Block
  • 10:1 Voltage Ratio
  • dBm Power Readings 
    20dB Attenuation:  When Probing
    50 ohm RF Circuits
  • Bandwidth:  100 kHz to 12 GHz.
    • Rugged Design
    • 1 GHz Long Ground Clip
    • 12 GHz Telescopic Ground Clip
    • BNC to SMA Adapter
    • Cushioned Finger Grip
    • P-20B RF Probe Users Guide
    • One Year Limited Warranty

    • Made in the USA

Visit the Auburn Technology website at for more information.


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Device dimensions


Weight.21 lbs (94 g)
Dimensions43.5" (cable length), 5.5" (probe length)

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