Have Questions About Ordering Signal Hound Products?

Signal Hound wants to make the purchase process as simple as possible, so we offer a few different methods for procuring our devices. (Note—if you’re outside the United States, see our distributor list, or email us.)

Method 1: Buy online

When we started Signal Hound, we wanted to sell equipment differently than the rest of the test and measurement industry – by eliminating lead times and shipping same-day (or at least next business day). We do our best to keep a healthy stock of all products at all times. What this means to you is:

  1. You select the device or accessory you wish to purchase
  2. Add the device(s) to your cart
  3. On our checkout page, select your preferred shipping method and speed. You will also have the option to specify your own shipping account for direct billing.
  4. Pay for the order using one of the following methods:
    • Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit cards
    • Wire transfer (order will ship upon receipt of funds)
    • Company check (order will ship once check clears in our account)
  5. The order ships same-day if received before noon PST, otherwise it ships next business day

On a rare occasion, our stock is depleted or brought to low levels by a large quantity order. We will notify you upon purchase of the shipping lead time, which is typically around 1-4 days. We will be clear in our communication so you know what to expect.

Method 2: Email us

If you’re not able to order online, you may request a quote via email at sales@signalhound.com. Please include the list of devices you wish to order along with your shipping address. You can expect a response within 24 hours that includes pricing and shipping options. We will then complete the sale via phone or email, depending on the payment method.

Method 3: Call us

Some people are just more comfortable ordering over the phone and that’s fine with us! Feel free to call our sales team at (360) 313-7997 and we’ll work with you to get the devices you need as quickly as possible.