Calibration Type *

All Signal Hound devices are calibrated to better-than-box specs during production. However, if you require a signed calibration certificate with a printed packet of calibration data, you will need to select it below:

Warranty length *

Our standard warranty is for a 2-year time period. An extended warranty is available up to a total of five years (2-year warranty plus 3 additional years). Extended warranties are calculated at 6% of the product cost, per year.


  • RF Frequency Range: 1 Hz to 4.4 GHz
    • Low noise amplifier available above 500 KHz
  • Wide dynamic range: -151 dBm to +10 dBm
  • Resolution bandwidths (RBW) of 0.1 Hz to 250 KHz and 5 MHz
  • Includes a High Dynamic Range Measuring Receiver
    • 0.25 dB relative accuracy
    • 0 dBm to -125 dBm, 150 KHz to 1 GHz
    • 0 dBm to -115 dBm, 1 GHz to 4.4 GHz
    • Adjustable digital audio filters
    • Accurate AM and FM measurements
  • No external power supply needed – draws power from USB
  • Powerful Digital Signal Processing happens on the PC
  • Software and Hardware included for one low price
  • Additional Third-Party Software Packages are available
    • TSCM software is available, and is being marketed
      as “Kestrel TSCM Software” through
  • Write your own software with our free Application Programming Interface (API)
    • I/Q Data up to a 240 KHz bandwidth
    • Frequency Sweeps up to 140 MHz per second
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • AM and FM Demodulation Measurements
  • USB 2.0 communications at 480 MBPS
  • Demodulates AM/FM/SSB/CW audio in real-time
  • Automation capability using our API
  • Measures 8 inches long
  • Weighs 10 ounces

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Independent Reviews

The Signal Hound SA44B is a Software Defined Receiver (SDR) optimized as a narrow-band real-time RF spectrum analyzer. It is a compact, simple to use, and effective troubleshooting tool for general lab users, engineering students, and ham radio enthusiasts. Using recent innovations in RF technology, the Signal Hound has the sensitivity, accuracy and dynamic range you’d expect in a unit many times its cost.

The SA44B has a preamplifier for improved sensitivity and reduced LO leakage. There is also a thermometer for temperature corrections, allowing accurate amplitude measurements over the entire operating temperature range.

80 reviews for SA44B — 4.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

  1. Avatar

    Matt R. (verified owner)

    I bought this unit for my work coordinating RF for large-scale productions and it has been exactly what I was looking for! I’ve owned many makes and models, from Kaltman to TTI, and they have all left something to be desired. The Spike software made all the difference to me, giving me all the data I need at my fingertips, presented in a meaningful way. Couldn’t be happier, and would recommend to anyone!

  2. Avatar

    Zohar S. (verified owner)

    great thanks

  3. Avatar


    I only recently go into spectrum analysis, however since the software and hardware are so great it wasn’t long before I was able to procure very useful information for a project. I hunted and pecked for a tutorial or two which have been done by others but it didn’t take make to become pretty proficient with Spike and Signal Hound.

  4. Avatar

    Leon J. (verified owner)

    So far I am please with the units. The only suggestion would be to have N connectors on the units. I believe I understand why the sma’s are used.
    Lots of features and good quality.
    My learning curve is going slowly.
    Thanks for a great product

    Leon K8ZAG

  5. Avatar

    Terry T. (verified owner)

    Been very pleased with both the company and the product. Good job guys.

  6. Avatar

    James W. (verified owner)

    Although the unit came in the wrong case and had TCXO problems, the people at SignalHound responded quickly to resolve these issues. I have had a number of interactions with customer support and each has been outstanding. The software is feature rich and mostly intuitive. Bottom line, they have hardware, software and customer support that provide excellent value.

  7. Avatar

    Kevin V. (verified owner)

    My perception of buying spectrum analyzers in the past led me to believe I needed to spend $10k+. I was thrilled when I learned of this product from a colleague. It has all the basic features one needs (markers, traces, average and peak power detection, presets and save capability). I could not be more pleased with this product. A great value.

  8. Avatar

    Michael S. (verified owner)

    Great product for the Ham Radio enthusiast that wants to learn more of the technical aspects of the hobby without investing thousands in typical test equipment!

  9. Avatar

    Joe L. (verified owner)

    Purchased SA44B and TG44A. The hardware construction is high quality. Together with Spike software the system performs very well as advertised. Very happy with purchase.

  10. Avatar

    Angela H. (verified owner)

    I am an rf technician currently working for See Factor in NYC. The purchase of my Signal Hound changed my career.. Changed my life!. Nyc can be really tough rf wise on any given day .. most days! I did not want a tti..screen way too small. The Signal Hound is so sensitive! I can see great detail .. Thank you so much for an absolutely kickass product .. Best $1000 I have ever spent!!

  11. Avatar

    Hamdan A.

    I didn’t regret anything about my choice of the SA44B, it’s accurate, portable, does the exact job I intended to use it for. Excellent choice.

  12. Avatar

    Martti V.

    Please note that my device is the first model, USB-SA44. The performance of this version was not bad considering the price but I would have appreciated more advanced software and a bit more sensitivity.

  13. Avatar

    David D.

    I purchased a Signal Hound SB-44 as a replacement for old HP Spectrum Analyser. It fit my need for an inexpensive, portable, high quality, analyzer for mobile use. This unit along with a laptop computer makes spectrum measurements a breeze. All the functionality of a big heavy bench top analyzer are included in this little, lightweight package.
    My main use is for AM/FM broadcast signal bandwith and spurious signal measurements, and satellite IF band alignment. There is a bonus feature that I didn’t expect, the SB-44 can be used as a high quality ham radio software defined receiver. The SB-44 is an amazing unit at an affordable price.

  14. Avatar

    David H.

    Spectrum Analyzers for RF work run from extremely expensive to relatively low cost. I have used both Keysight (/Agilent/HP) and Rohde & Schwarz and they are without doubt great devices, but you can’t compare a $70,000 analyzer with a $1,000 Signal Hound.

    I bought the Signal Hound so I could do pre-scan EMC qualification as our company couldn’t afford the high end. It was a great investment. The device is sensitive, well calibrated and easy to use. I have even used it with an external antenna for tracking down rogue emissions outside of work. Excellent value for money and highly recommended.

  15. Avatar

    Patrick O.

    The spectrum analyzer has been helpful to us. We have used it in the 2.4GHZ band as we develop transmitters that are largely used in the medical field.

  16. Avatar

    Michael H.

    I have used this piece of equipment for several years and never have any problems. Good frequency accuracy and an easy to use GUI.

  17. Avatar

    Ray F. (verified owner)

    Great product for the price!

  18. Avatar

    G.M. N.

    Excellent instrument

  19. Avatar

    Ben N.

    One of by best purchase ‘s

  20. Avatar

    Peter J.

    The Spectrum Analyser and Tracking Generator are frequently put to use in my design,construction and alignment of Amateur Radio microwave projects.
    A far cry from my days in the 1930’s when I used a Lecher line and tape measure.

  21. Avatar

    Fernando O.

    It is meaningless to say one other time that Signal Hound’s USB-SA44B is affordable, easy to use, compact and a powerful tool. What nobody sees behind the scenes is the customer care! Those guys are absolutely amazing. I sent my analyzer for repair once and, for my surprise, the unit failed on environmental chamber after rework and they needed to delay the delivery. So they decided to change the posting method by their own to speed up the delivery process. After that I became even more satisfied, they rerun environmental test (which is great), but did it in a way this wouldn’t impact on the delivery time. This only proves that Signal Hound is not only making quality products, but they also care a lot about customer satisfaction. Thank you guys!
    Kind regards,
    Fernando Oliveira

  22. Avatar

    Tim J.

    I found the Signal Hound to be very useful in filling a niche for a 2nd analyzer. Small, relatively easy to operate after the first setup and use and cost effective.

  23. Avatar

    Lawrence R. (verified owner)

    Does much of what a $30K bench analyzer will do, at a fraction of the price. I used the programmable interface to automate signal strength measurements for antenna pattern generation. Portability is key to this function. Also used the mating signal generator,(with used directional couplers I found on e-bay), to generate return loss plots of antennas. Rugged and reliable equipment. Great products. Thank you, Signal Hound!

  24. Avatar

    Suketu N. (verified owner)

    Good instrument. It is compact and affordable. The signals looks decent. I wish there were more analytical capabilities but I suppose I would have to pay for them. Overall it is worth spending $1000 than buying a $20K instrument.

  25. Avatar

    Charles S.

    After retiring from the broadcast industry (full power FM, VHF and UHF TV) I was accustom to the use of respected industry leaders spectrum analyzers. Also as a ham operator I wished to have these capabilities at home. So a purchase was made early on of the USB SA44, S/N 93350059 Patent Pending. With the development of the “SPIKE” software this is a jewel for the cost. Now if I just had the BB60C!

  26. Avatar

    Idan S.

    First – A word of warning, my device was purchased and used during 2012.
    It’s been quite some time since and technology might have improved considerably.

    My experience was mostly positive. For a small and low-cost Spectrum analyzer, it was performing as expected.
    The main issue was the time and unfriendly software which was very long for small RBW.
    Also, since it is controlled by software – any capabilities similar to the Agilent VSA will be much appreciated.

    If you have improved your software considerably – let me know. I’m now in Stanford will definitely consider on buying one.

  27. Avatar

    Joerg S.

    The main purpose was to have an analyzer that fits in a small carry-on bag to measure stuff at clients who had EMC or other problems. The SA44B fits that job very nicely. You have to know that this is in essence a software-defined radio (SDR) so it won’t work well (or at all) for pulsed signals. However, EMC issues typically entail constant carrier sources. Micro processor clock, buses, oscillators and such. The SA44B “hound” sniffs those out nicely. I had one case where I reduced all sorts of offending peaks and after the client re-ran at the agency lab the improvement was almost verbatim as the SA44B had predicted.

    What isn’t so great is that the latest software does not run under XP and many lab computer run XP (for good reasons). So you have to use the old software which isn’t that great. Not a showstopper at all though. Signalhound stated that it won’t run with smallish 1GHz or less processors but to my surprise it does. Which means I do not have to schlepp the big laptop along for field diagnostics. People with lower back issues like myself will appreciate that.

    Service at Signalhound is great. When the unit lost it’s calibration settings for some reason they emailed me the files for my serial number unit same day. Can’t be better.

    Long story short, if you are mostly after continuous wave carriers and not pulsed signals this analyzer is highly recommended. Nowadays you can buy full-blown spectrum analyzers with display and all for around $2k or twice the price of the SA44B which would make more sense for a lab bench. But it’s the size of an oscilloscope and for field work the super-light and small SA44B is hard to beat. Off the top of my head I wouldn’t know any alternative to it.

  28. Avatar

    Mark G.

    Pleased. Much more convenient for field work and travel vs. traditional spectrum analyzers. Once you’ve added one to your tool box, you’ll wonder what you did without. Very good utility vs. price ratio.

  29. Avatar

    Alex A.

    I had the pleasure to use the USB-SA44, USB-SA44B and the USB-TG44A for more then 4 years, products are very good but not perfect, my main concerns are with the USB connector on the back, my USB-SA44B unit cannot move on the bench, as soon I move the unit and/or the cable moves it becomes disconnected and with Spike crashing many times, My USB-TG44A start to have the same problem, definitive the quality of that connector need to be improved.

    A USB 3.0 upgrade is a must, depending on the configuration the sweep take long time and become useless specially when you are tuning band pass filters or any other resonant unit.

    The phase noise option need to be improved, even with if a external low phase noise 10MHz reference is used you cannot trust phase noise readings below -110dBc/Hz,

    Just my two cents

    Alex Artieda

  30. Avatar

    Rodney B.

    The combo of SA-44B & TG-44A is an accurate, fast and highly portable set up for us in the field during system commissioning.

    For broadcasting commitments at large sporting events we manage multiple wireless microphones IFBs and UHF communications operating across sports stadiums and golf courses.

    So we use the SA-44B to monitor receive points (harmonics, intermod & EMR) from remote locations, often several kilometers away from the receive point. This is important since the our test equipment connected via USB to a local PC on the tower is now available to view by technicians standing at the various TX positions working on individual transmitters. By using remote access into that PC from tablets and phones we can fault-find and also check when to combine or rotate antennas.

    Try doing that with a conventional desktop Spec Analyzer.

  31. Avatar

    Jerry R.

    I have both the Tracking Generator and the Spectrum Analyzer… they are so small that i carry both of them plus a couple antennas in a my backpack all the time. When I’m doing a survey, it is easy for me to pull them out and quickly take readings or mitigate issues. They are surprisingly powerful when coupled with the SPIKE (free) software. Unlike a $32K Anritsu… they are ALWAYS available because of their light weight and small size. And… the cost was less than three SPECAN rentals from our old distributor. If you don’t already have a set… Why not???

  32. Avatar

    Bruce M.

    Very sensitive and accurate. Both freq and amplitude are near right on. The Spike S/W is great too. Had mine for many years, no problems. I wish I bought the tracking gen too.

  33. Avatar

    John S.

    Good product. I don’t have the tracking generator.

  34. Avatar

    Donald S.

    Bought the SA44B & TG44A. Later upgraded to the Spike software. A really great combination.
    Compact and easy to use. Can’t find anything close for the price. Had money left over to buy a Win10 laptop for a stand-alone rf measurement system.

  35. Avatar

    Vadim L.

    Очень доволен вашим прибором.Работает прекрасно.
    Буду рад если Вы пришлёте программу пригодную
    К windows 10..

  36. Avatar

    Nicky C. (verified owner)

    This product is great for DAS. I have used it for commissioning for three different sites and it still is in good working order. The only drawback is there is nothing to protect it from a drop on the ground.

  37. Avatar

    Philip D. (verified owner)

    This spectrum analyzer is capable of so much more than I use it for, testing Faraday cages for MRI. When I hook up the highly portable device to my small lap top and fire up Spike, she probably “thinks” what, you again, boring, don’t you want to save some data, try another frequency maybe, but even going time and again in the room with magnets on field, she just performs as required. Back in the box till next time. Awesome product, especially for the price! Will definitely buy a second one in the future.

  38. Avatar

    Karl K.

    Dear Cory,
    You asked for a review of your product so I will give it to you right between the eyes…

    I am a small product manufacturer myself and I also value any constructive customer feedback.
    Your product has served my needs admirably, for the purpose of small signal transmitter testing and tuning.

    The only issues I have are the software locks up on occasions, particularly in the colder months which makes it frustrating when I am performing a tricky antenna tune.
    The recovery process is a compete power down and software shut down come task manager error reset.
    I feel as though the product I own has a wonderful basis but just requires the final 5% of software polishing to be the ultimate tool for my purposes.

    I hope that these comments will assist any process you are conducting.
    Please keep up the good work and get over what I see as the final hurdle.

    Kindest regards,
    Karl Kivinen.

  39. Avatar

    Aaron B.

    We found its performance was excellent for the price with the convenience of the USB interface allowing the PC to do the hard work. We used this in conjunction with the USB tracking generator which allowed us to characterize components and carry out RF tasks.

  40. Avatar

    Jeremy V.

    I purchased my Signal Hound about 5 years ago. I am a telecommunications design engineer and amateur radio operator. When I started my career in the 1970s, spectrum analyzers were exotic, very expensive and heavy instruments! I have used my Signal Hound in developing an Analog Telecommunications Course and a Digital HF Telecommunications Course. I also used it designing 3 different Software Defined Radios and in programming various synthesizers. It is extremely easy to use, the manual is excellent and most of all I just plug it into my HP Laptop so it is totally portable. Several things I found most invaluable/necessary. I purchased an sma attenuator set, with DC block and also an RF probe. You need these to do proper measurements and protect your unit. The unit is ideal for design, radio hams and would also be ideal for a College/University Telecommunication Laboratory.
    Jeremy Clark

  41. Avatar

    Edward S.

    A very useful piece of test equipment. Very accurate to within one Db and frequency good to 800 cycles at 1Ghz. Has an input for a tcxo which I use to get frequencys to 50 cycles at the 1 Ghz. I use the unit to tune duplexes at VHF and UHF frequencys and can measure down to -100 Dbm very accurately and can see signals down to -135 Dbm which can be very helpful. I have used the unit in many other ways and it has not disappointed me, money well spent.

  42. Avatar

    Ayelet S. (verified owner)

    We used the analyzer to perform field-work under harsh conditions. We never had an issue, worked (and still works) perfectly. I would highly recommend it.

  43. Avatar

    Grigory G.

    Bought this way back around 2010. All the other spectrum analysis tools were super expensive – took a chance on this and it worked out really well. Got me the data I needed to fix up my RF circuitry . Software could have used a little work back then, not sure what the state of it is now.

    Solid purchase for the hobbyist or professional on a budget.

  44. Avatar

    Mike S.

    This is an unsolicited letter of praise for the Signal Hound USB-SA44B spectrum analyzer. I was looking for a spectrum analyzer to replace an HP which proved too costly to repair. All I needed was something to analyze modulation characteristics of a PCM/FM telemetry system. I evaluated several low cost portable analyzers as well as the Tektronix RSA306 USB analyzer. Some of them seemed like they would be better but in the end the SH won primarily due to the features that came standard with the Spike software.

    Over the course of the 2+ years I have owned mine, I had one mishap which was covered by warranty. I placed mine in a USPS Flat Rate shipping box and in 9 days, I had it back in my hands. I’ve also had some questions regarding some of the functions and an email response was received within minutes. That’s hard to beat.

    In essence, I am a very satisfied user and am looking forward to purchasing their BB60C in the near future.

    Oh, by the way, this also makes a very nice SDR.


  45. Avatar

    Joseph M.

    These tools are the main instruments I use for my ham radio stations and find them to be accurate, reliable and flexible. Being portable I am able to take them in my computer bag to my different stations as well. I will not give them up! Joe

  46. Avatar

    Samart B.

    Easy to use, I want to add in the VBW and RBW to fine tuning.

  47. Avatar

    Paul M.

    Fantastic device. New Spike software makes it even better. I use it for Amateur Radio projects.

  48. Avatar

    Alan L.

    I have been using the SA44B for over 6 years now and do a lot TSCM work with it. I have found it to be a very reliable device with constant software updates.

  49. Avatar

    Mardad M.

    very good

  50. Avatar

    Carl J. (verified owner)

    Principle Engineer

  51. Avatar

    Glenn D. (verified owner)

    I use this regularly as a measurement receiver and spectrum analyzer. It has the features of much more expensive analyzers such as harmonic analysis and phase noise analysis (you usually need to feed in a better low noise reference for this). I am planning to take advantage of the SDR and waveform capture capabilities in the future but have not done this yet.
    The Spike software has the familiar look and feel of a standalone analyzer and seems fairly bug-free.
    The accuracy and precision are adequate for me.

  52. Avatar

    Patrick B.

    Purchased for our technicians to use at home and in the field. Provides everything a military communicator could ask for and more. Very handy device that cuts down on extra equipment needed.

  53. Avatar

    Roger O. (verified owner)

    Great receiver with spectrum analyzer. We use it for out of chamber antenna testing and is well worth the value.

  54. Avatar

    Cesar A.

    I have been working with this product for several years for testing purposes and it was what I expected.
    It is very easy to use and easy to configure, the libraries have several functions but you can work in build your own libraries to work with. If you are working with C# programming maybe you need to import functions.

  55. Avatar

    Giancarlo M.

    I purchased the above spectrum analyzer, one of the first.
    Good quality and performances.

    I had a very good support and communication exchanges on the sale and post sale services.

  56. Avatar

    Bambang D.

    Integration with mathlab no guidance.
    Seting the recording …confusing. can not set a rare samples. No info.

  57. Avatar

    Jeremie M. (verified owner)

    The Signal Hound has been instrumental to our team’s rapid progress working on wireless sensor networks. It is used so regularly that it has a dedicated computer with it always running to display the parts of the spectrum that we’re working on, and is also regularly set up for specific tests and even demos to customers.

  58. Avatar

    Daryl B.

    I have the SA44B spectrum analyzer. It has exceeded my expectations for the cost vs performance.

  59. Avatar

    Ed T. (verified owner)


  60. Avatar

    Clark D.

    I purchased a Signal Hound USB spectrum analyzer for my consulting business and used in on a NASA CubeSat contract I was writing firmware for. The spectrum analyzer worked well for analyzing the 450 Mhz radio communications used on the spacecraft during testing at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland. For some reason, around late 2013, the device stopped working and was reporting a Self-Test failure and has never worked since.

    Self Test Results
    Broadband power detector: FAIL
    High Band Mixer: FAIL
    Low Band Mixer: FAIL
    Attenuator: PASS
    Second IF: FAIL

  61. Avatar

    Rubens F.

    I guess I bought one of the first units produced – lots of spurs. Unfortunately I don’t have a positive impression about them.

  62. Avatar

    Bob B.

    It suffered from being a first-generation product, both the software and the hardware itself. A couple of years later I inquired if there was an upgrade or trade-in program but there was none. I should never have purchased it.

  63. Avatar

    James K.

    I purchased Signal Hound Spec Analyzer several years ago and use it in my Contract Engineering business. This has been a real boon to me. I frequently need to “see” what a client’s signal looks like. No longer is it necessary for me to lug a “big box” or perhaps use a hand truck to get a spec analyzer into position. This device fits into my laptop case and I merely sling the strap over the shoulder and away I go. Further, it has performed well at the calibration laboratory and I have nothing but the highest praise. In over 40 years of experience, this has been an enormous step forward in spec analyzer technology. I most highly recommend.

  64. Avatar

    Noel S.

    Excellent value for money. Now with it working with other applications and waterfall display, its well worth a look.
    couldn’t fault if for what i needed it for. A general purpose SA with a large coverage.

  65. Avatar

    David M.

    The Spike SDR up grade was a great improvement. I would like two things: 1. The ability to monitor (listen to) the audio as I measure it. 2. % modulation in a graphic form for AM and graphic deviation indication for FM.

  66. Avatar

    Fan V.

    A few years ago we purchased a Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzer from Signal Hound. We are a medium size manufacturer of electronic/ optical devices, including signal lights for railroad application utilizing LED devices. The Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzer is so accurate, we use it to calibrate and verify our Tektronix scopes used in our assembly line. An essential, indispensable part in our QC process. Highly recommended.
    Laszlo Vass, CEO

  67. Avatar

    Thomas B. (verified owner)

    I have both the signal hound and the tracking generator and use both when evaluating filters. (Mostly very old bandpass filters) They work well and I am a satisfied customer. I do appreciate your efforts at keeping in touch and the ‘lectures’

  68. Avatar

    Mike Moorhead

    Great product. Exceded my expectations. The versatile measurement modes allowed difficult-to-identify HF radar signal characterisitcs to be explored in frequency and time domains. The phase noise mode was a real plus. At least two engineers who saw it in use have gone out and bought one. Less than half the cost of repairing my R&S spectrum analyser power supply!

  69. Avatar

    Roly Runciman

    I was faced with a huge overweight bill if I was to take our R&S Spectrum Analyser with me to Papua New Guinea (16Kg being the limit). The overweight bill was going to be about the same price as the SA44B so it was a no brainer to buy one and pack it in with my carry on laptop computer. The results were fantastic and far exceeded my expectations when trying to track down spurious emissions at a remote site near Wewak, PNG. Job done and now the SA44B remains in my computer bag as part of my travelling kit. Highly recommended for any RF Engineers.

  70. Avatar

    George Potter

    I’ve owned one of these for several years, and I know that quite a few folks, after seeing mine, also purchased one. This is an incredible device for the $. When I first received mine, I checked it against my Agilent SA and the Signal Hound was within a 1/2 dB. I use mine in the DAS (Distributed Antenna System) world, and the SA44B, when combined with the matching tracking generator gives me all I need to setup a DAS. I added a broad band amplifier from Mini-Circuits, so I can get levels higher than +15 dBm (from the tracking generator). With the software utility that lets the Tracking Generator work as a stand alone signal generator, the tracking generator (along with the Mini-Circuits amplifier) lets me perform simulated coverage studies (from a single antenna location).

    I will admit (and caution folks) that this can’t do everything that some higher priced units do, but the SA44B has enough capabilities, that you don’t often need the more expensive boxes.

  71. Avatar

    Edgardo Molina

    This spectrum analyzer has saved my life so many times, I can’t clearly recall each one. From lab use at my atomic time scale and precision frequency standards lab, to Grand Prix Formula 1 frequency coordination and monitoring work. Amateur radio aside (where I found the most useful tool of all to enjoy the hobby) the SA44B has proven to be an intelligently designed spectrum analyzer that allowed me to reach my RF measuring goals every time.

    Thank you Bruce and your team for such a nice experience both with your products and while talking to you and Cory over the phone. By the way I am waiting for my SA124B to be delivered to me tomorrow. I feel like an impatient child a day before receiving his birthday present. Now, what are the rest of the instruments that my Signal Hound collection lacks? Consider yourselves warned that I am surely coming back for more.

    Edgardo Molina.

  72. Avatar

    Adam Paul (verified owner)

    Great device. This spectrum analyzer gave me all the functionality I needed to complete the design of a new RF product. Everyone asks me about the device and how they can get one.

  73. Avatar

    Rich Karlberer

    Excellent product. I am primarily using it in my persuit of Amateur Radio. It has proven s valuable tool allowing me to improve my RF noise environment around my home as well as in monitoring the performance of my equipment. Along with the tracking generator and optional directional Coupler it has proven valuable in optimizing the performance of my antennae.

  74. Avatar

    Phil Dodge (verified owner)

    The SA44B is a great device and specifically quite good at providing the dynamic range I need for my narrow specifications. I build and test Faraday cages for MRI applications and the test is usually a half hour attaboy after a week of work. The Signal Hound unit is so light and easy to set up that I have quit moaning the demise of my HP. So far I have not had the “opportunity” to troubleshoot with the SA44B.

  75. Avatar

    Sam Roffe (verified owner)

    Great little device. I bought it with the tracking generator to tune filters. I use it to take occupied band width measurements for broadcast and checking for harmonic emissions as well as for my amateur radio use.

  76. Avatar

    Brian Y. (verified owner)

    This is a great little tool very useful. There are some minor things I would like to see changed. Most is software related other is BNC connector instead of SMA connectors.

  77. Avatar

    Allan K.

    A welcome addition to my lab. I have used this analyzer many times since I purchased it, examining signals from low audio to high UHF, and while it does not have the flexibility of an HP, it is a darn good analyzer for many of my purposes. Having made a sleep-deprived cable mix-up one late evening, I must warn users to take the maximum input level VERY SERIOUSLY! That was an expensive mistake!

  78. Avatar

    Serge Masse (verified owner)

    I bought a USB-SA44B for its small size so I could carry my own analyzer during the installation of satellite downlink equipment. I was particularly pleased with the ease of use of the Spike software. The only thing I would like to see with the ability to start Spike with one of the presets. A great product indeed!

    • Avatar

      Cory Allen

      Thanks for the feedback Serge, we really appreciate it! Your comments and suggestions will be passed along to development.

  79. Avatar

    Carson Billings (verified owner)

    My company files for STA (temporary) FCC licensing in the US all the time. We purchased this to unit to help with frequency selection. Since the software tell me the actual 12.5 kHz UHF frequency it is almost useless for my application. Seems like it is a coding issue, but I was told to look at 3rd party software that cost thousands.

  80. Avatar

    Josh Cruz (verified owner)

    As most honest yet biased reviews start, I am not much of a product reviewer. I am more of a review consumer. As a monitor engineer in the live sound world, RF is inevitable. Sometimes you just wish it wasn’t your responsibility but turns out it is just part of the job. If you’re like me, you always want to have the right tools for the job. I was fortunate to learn about this tool earlier this year and immediately bought one as soon as I could. Even having the least featured SA44B, it is an invaluable tool for any live sound RF situation. A few things to note: Spike is incredible and has so many features I do not even know how to use yet. You cannot use these units with a Mac even if you have parallels or any other VM (…maybe Signal Hound can help us out with that? lol). Make sure you turn off any sort of power save features in windows because these things draw a lot of power over USB so after a few minutes, laptops will shut that down and you have to reconnect. Its only a minor inconvenience at most, but worth noting.

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Device dimensions


SA44B — 4.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer - Option 1, Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

Weight.64 lb (.29 kg)
Dimensions7.65" x 3.18" x 1.18" (19.4 x 8 x 3 cm)

SA44B — 4.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer - Standard, Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C

Weight.64 lb (.29 kg)
Dimensions7.65" x 3.18" x 1.18" (19.4 x 8 x 3 cm)

Product-in-packaging dimensions


Weight1.32 lb (.6 kg)
Dimensions9.25" x 5.44" x 3.13" (23.5 x 13.8 x 7.95 cm)

Software and Drivers

Spike software

  • Spectrum analysis software for all Signal Hound spectrum analyzers.
  • Download and install the USB drivers separately.
  • Unzip (extract all files and run Spike Installer.msi and CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe)

Signal Hound Software Development Kit

  • Read API Docs
  • Programming interface for SA44 and SA124 devices.
  • Low level direct device control and measurements.

Product Manuals

Legacy Software

This is no longer the main software installer for the SA and TG products. (for the latest software, see the Spike page)

Software Installer Version 2.18B for the SA44B / SA124B / TG44A / TG124A.

Additional Downloads

HDSDR Compatibility Files (Updated 11-11-2020)

  • Everything needed to use the HDSDR software with the SA44 and SA124 spectrum analyzers. Includes setup manual, interface files, and source.