White Papers and App Notes

The following white papers and app notes detailing the use of Signal Hound spectrum analyzers are available for download:

White Paper

Cost-efficient and Extensible RF Spectrum Monitoring & Management

This white paper discusses key topics in RF spectrum analysis,such as trends and factors in field measurements, variations in spectrum management, and the limits of conventional stand-alone instruments. See how Signal Hound’s open system approach to RF analysis enables new opportunities for addressing these challenges.

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Application Note

Build Applications Tailored for Remote Signal Monitoring with the Signal Hound BB60C

The Signal Hound BB60C, with its API, enables the user to build applications specifically tailored for remote signal monitoring. Specific provisions may need to be made to reduce the immense amount of data the BB60C is capable of producing in some modes, but even powerful features like real-time spectrum analysis can be realized over a remote link.

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Cover of our EMC Precompliance Setup App Note
Application Note

Setting Up an EMC Precompliance Radiated Emissions Test Using Spike Software

Did you know that you can use tools such as the BB60C and a set of simple antennas and probes to provide real-time EMC Precompliance measurements that can be performed while developing new hardware?

This application note will take a user through the setup process.

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Noise Power Ratio Testing on a Budget App Note
Application Note

Noise Power Ratio Testing on a Budget

In this application note, Signal Hound’s head engineer, Justin Crooks, lays out a simple, step-by-step process to noise power ratio testing using Signal Hound’s innovative $495 VSG25A vector signal generator.

If noise power ratio testing is within your scope of work, you’ll really want to see how this is possible.

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HDSDR Setup for Signal Hound Receivers
Application Note

HDSDR Setup for Signal Hound Receivers

This document outlines the procedure for configuring the HDSDR application for use with any of the Signal Hound spectrum analyzers, including the SA44, SA44B, SA124A, SA124B, BB60A, and BB60C. HDSDR is a free SDR program for Windows systems typically used by amateur radio enthusiasts. HDSDR provides a common programming interface to allow the integration of a number of acquisition systems. All files required for the setup are included in the .zip download.

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cover of our introduction to real time spectrum analysis tech brief
Technical Brief

An Introduction to Practical Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

In this tech brief, you’ll learn the basics of analyzing the MANY complex radio frequency and microwave signals in the environment around us. The ability to sense and analyze these signals aids in identifying interference causes and deducing component, device, and system behavior.

Real-time spectrum analyzers enable on-the-go sensing and analysis of these signals, and can put powerful software analysis tools at an engineer’s fingertips.

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