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Our standard warranty is for a 2-year time period. An extended warranty is available up to a total of five years (2-year warranty plus 3 additional years). Extended warranties are calculated at 6% of the product cost, per year.

The RFS44 is a single pole four throw (SP4T) absorptive solid-state switch using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology providing RF switching across four ports at up to 44 GHz. Switch from LF all the way through the Ka band and utilize this versatile tool in psuedo-doppler direction finding applications. With blazing fast switch speed, 3 ns rise/fall times, and direct access from Spike™, the RFS44 enables multi-band sweeping and direction finding to the SM435 product line!

Signal Hound’s RFS44 high-speed antenna switch applies our innovative approach to high-performance test and measurement equipment to utility switching control. Utilizing advanced RF architecture design, in unison with high quality components, the RFS44 gives users vital features and enables concise data acquisition when switching across varied frequencies in diverse RF environments.


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Device dimensions


Weight8.9 oz / .25 kg
Dimensions L 4.09 in x W 4.17 in x H 1.32 in (L 10.4 cm x W 10.61 cm x H 3.36 cm)

Product-in-packaging dimensions


Weight1.03 lbs / .46 kg
Dimensions L 10.43 in x W 6.7 in x H 4.38 in (L 26.49 cm x W 17.01 cm x H 11.12 cm)