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Spike’s new RF Mapping analysis mode, and frequency hopping I/Q acquisition for the SM200 via API

Updates to Signal Hound’s custom applications are ongoing. Our talented engineering team continues to add industry-standard features to both our valuable (FREE) Spike RF analysis software, and the Signal Hound SDK. Hit the road with Spike’s new RF mapping feature Recently, our team of software ninjas added an incredible new feature to Spike – RF

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We visited ControlTek to watch our SM200B boards come to life

Check out our behind-the-scenes video where we visit the facility that populates our boards with RF components.

IMS 2019, Boston – Day One

Day one at IMS is always a blitz, with constant conversation from open to close. It’s no wonder we’re hoarse by the end of the day!

IMS 2019, Boston – Setup Day

Setup day! Always… exciting…? Either way, it went well, and we even got to explore Boston for a bit.

News Release: Signal Hound Announcing Two New Devices at IMS 2019 in Boston

Read the press release about our two new RF test products for 2019.

Technical security countermeasures and covert spectrum analysis situations

Looking for signals that are hidden on purpose? With a Signal Hound analyzer and the right third party software, it is indeed possible.

Affordable real-time spectrum analysis is indeed real

Until recently, the choices for real-time spectrum analyzers in the market were rather large and costly. This is no longer the case.

Government regulation of available spectrum and the case for affordable, high-performance spectrum monitoring analyzers

Government regulation of available spectrum is a modern necessity. See why low-cost analyzers can help.

What’s the Cost of Your Spectrum Monitoring Solution?

As society’s need for RF spectrum monitoring increases, affordable and high-performing sensors and software are enabling increased deployment at lower costs.

GNU Radio Modules for Signal Hound Analyzers – Accelerate Your SDR Development!

Use your BB60C or SM200A spectrum analyzer as I/Q sources from within GNU Radio, as blocks in a flowgraph or components of a hierarchical block

Accurate Phase Noise Measurements

The ability to accurately measure phase noise is an important feature of a spectrum analyzer.