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These are tricky times

Between the looming threat of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, concern for our families, friends, communities, and ourselves, anxiety about work and the overarching economy – life feels really tricky right now. There have been several days in the last couple of weeks where I’ve personally cycled through a range of mental states. I always end up back on solid footing, fortunately, which keeps me moving forward, making responsible choices, and preparing for change – in whatever form that change may come. 

Dealing with uncertainty is tough to appreciate, and we’re all dealing with a lot of it right now. How long will this virus be impacting or daily life? Will the curve of confirmed cases ever flatten out? When will school be back in session? Will it even be back in session this year? How will this impact my kids? How is this going to impact the global economy? What about our local communities?  

I am a planner. To a fault. I think most of us are wired to move through our days and our lives making plans. But with so many things out of our control right now, the act of planning feels overwhelming. Usually planning is the easy part. How often do we plan for outcome A or B, only to have outcome C, that thing that never occurred to us, be the one that becomes our reality? For me, this is how it goes more often than not! 

What a difference a month makes 

One month ago, our team gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the sale of our first spectrum analyzer – our SA44B. We were all crammed into a too-small room, eating good food, talking smack, and laughing because laughing is good! We were enjoying some non-work-related camaraderie and celebrating our awesome team, unified in a common cause. Social distancing wasn’t yet a phrase we were familiar with, nor was it something we would have thought to concern ourselves with.  

And now, three-quarters of our building is a ghost town. ? 

Darkened offices, empty hallways, near silence. These are the sights and sounds of an office full of remote workers.

Fortunately, however, it is a productive ghost town. As of today, Friday March 27th, only a handful of us are working on-site at the Signal Hound headquarters, mainly production and shipping positions – roles that can only be fulfilled on-site (with all the safeguards in place).  

The rest of us are now set up to work remotely. It took a few chaotic days and a lot of IT support to make this happen, but it’s going well. In fact, it’s working much better than expected! Our goal through all this rapid transition has been to keep the company running at full-steam and to not disrupt service to customers AND to adhere to all guidelines currently in place by our state government.  

We’re taking the hand we’ve been dealt and making the best of it. I am so grateful to this team of people! They are smart and adaptive and have remained focused on making this work for everyone. Although our team is currently scattered around the local region, new products are still being designed, new software is being developed, support calls are being answered, devices in need of repair are getting fixed, RFQs are being fulfilled, and products continue to go out the door. All things considered, we’re doing just fine and we’re glad to be staying busy and providing service to customers. 

Looking ahead

So here’s to a future loaded with uncertainty and to keeping optimism in all things! We certainly hope work (and life) will return to some level of normalcy sooner rather than later, as soon as is reasonably and wisely possible. 

We also realize that Signal Hound’s current challenges of remote-work and related issues are slight in the big scheme.  Right now, our hearts and thoughts are with those directly affected by the Coronavirus, the individuals on the front lines in the hospitals and medical facilities around the globe, and with all who are looking for a solution to this problem.  

Onwards and upwards, as they say. Stay safe everybody.