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Since its release, our 6 GHz vector signal generator has been a huge hit. The ‘uphill climb’ sales rate that we normally experience (with sales increasing as marketing takes effect) didn’t apply to the VSG60A. The generator has been a solid seller since day one, and feedback on the device has been both plentiful and helpful.

While a large part of the VSG’s success is due to the high number of preprogrammed modulation types and impairments that can be configured and controlled by the software, this success can also be attributed to its well-documented API – providing application developers with the ability to continuously stream I/Q data to the signal generator at arbitrary sample rates up the 51.2 MSPS, among other things. The possibilities opened by the API of Signal Hound devices are a big draw to our products, and the VSG60A is no different.

Until recently the VSG60A’s API could only run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system. This is no longer the case.

Version 1.0.3 of the VSG API  now provides support for 64-bit Linux systems and is bundled in our SDK, available as a free download. The SDK download includes a manual with instructions, best practices, and a complete function listing so you can get up and running with your own projects. The API functions identically to the Windows version, so if you’re familiar with the VSG60A’s code samples and documentation you’re already ahead in getting started with your new Linux application.

You can now write custom applications for the VSG60A on Linux

If you’re interested and want all the juicy details, grab the SDK and tear into README.txt in signal_hound_sdk >device_apis > vsg60_series > linux. The SDK is just under 57 MB, so you’ll have your hands on it quickly.

Signal Hound is excited to finally offer this to our Linux users, so please reach out to us with questions and feedback! We’re looking forward to the future with this API.