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While not a sweeping update to the spectrum analyzer software, Spike 3.1.7 does bring quite a few changes to the table – especially in the area of EMC precompliance testing.

New Path Loss Tables enhance EMC precompliance testing

Satisfying one of our most requested features, EMC Precompliance analysis mode now offers more configurable path loss tables—twice as many, in fact—for a total of 8. These tables are also stored in presets now, making the EMC experience even better. Since introducing the EMC Precompliance analysis mode nearly a year ago it has been one of our most popular features, and we will continue to enhance it (for free, as always) as time goes on!

Another common request is for a CCDF plot in zero-span analysis mode. 3.1.7 brings this new view as well:

The new CCDF plot in Spike, our spectrum analyzer software

Spike 3.1.7 also brings:

  • Customizable workspace in Zero-Span analysis mode
  • The ability to save and load and arbitrary number of presets from the file menu
  • Peak tracking for markers
  • The ability to increase/decrease numeric fields with the Up/Down arrow keys
  • … and even more. See all of the additions in the change log at

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