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Spike’s new RF Mapping analysis mode, and frequency hopping I/Q acquisition for the SM200 via API

Updates to Signal Hound’s custom applications are ongoing. Our talented engineering team continues to add industry-standard features to both our valuable (FREE) Spike RF analysis software, and the Signal Hound SDK. Hit the road with Spike’s new RF mapping feature Recently, our team of software ninjas added an incredible new feature to Spike – RF

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News Release: Spike Software Announcement

Signal Hound’s Spike Software Boosts Performance for All Products Read the News Release (60k PDF)

Exclusive Microwaves & RF interview with our CEO, Bruce Devine

Jean-Jacques DeLisle, technical editor at Microwaves & RF published an Inside Track interview with Bruce regarding USB-powered test equipment. Bruce states in the article: “…enough momentum has gathered that the notion of serious USB-powered test equipment is no longer foreign. More and more customers are embracing USB-powered test equipment. With its compact footprint and rich features,

Thanks to You

Here in the United States, on the last Thursday of November, we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time we try and forget about the busyness of work and life for a few days, and try and focus on the things we have that really matter. Many countries have a variation on this theme,

Video: SA Series Software Update Preview

Users of our USB-SA44B, USB-SA124B, and USB-SA124A USB-powered spectrum analyzers will be excited to hear about a soon-to-be-released version of the software that manages their device.   On target for a release date around the end of January 2015, the software update brings new features, stability enhancements, and an updated user interface to the much-loved

Introducing the Signal Hound Discussion Forums

Starting today, you can tap into the knowledge of the Signal Hound community via the new discussion forums on our website. We’re going to be actively promoting the use of these discussion areas, and we hope that you’ll want to participate.  We can write manuals and how-to’s all day long, but ultimately, it’s the experience

Awesome USB-SA44B Review in Silicon Chip Magazine

Silicon Chip magazine, an Australian publication dedicated to electronics professionals, tradespeople, and enthusiasts, published an excellent review of our USB-SA44B spectrum analyzer.  Writer Jim Rowe details his setup and use experience in a well-written, screenshot-infused article that gives a great first-hand account of setting up and running an SA44B for the first time, and the

Video: Bruce Chats with RCR Wireless’ Kelly Hill

RCR Wireless News just published an article highlighting our company, and includes and excellent 20-minute long interview video with our CEO, Bruce Devine. Bruce and Kelly Hill talk about where Signal Hound came from, our roots in test equipment, how we see the industry using our spectrum analyzers, and why we think that high-quality, affordable

News Release: BB60C Calibration Software Released

Signal Hound Announces Field Calibration Software for BB60C. Read the news release (40k PDF)

News Release: 6 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer on Display at AOC

Signal Hound 6 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer on Display at AOC Read the News Release (60k PDF)

BB60C Calibration Software Released

Editor’s note—Signal Hound calibration software now works for all Signal Hound devices, not just the BB60C. We just released version 1.0.0 of our new BB60C spectrum analyzer calibration software, for those who need it and can use it. This is a PC-based application for running performance verification tests, and making adjustments to the Signal Hound BB60C