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Using Signal Hound Devices for Radio Telemetry Troubleshooting
Using Signal Hound Devices for Radio Telemetry Troubleshooting defines Radio Telemetry as “the use of radio waves for transmitting information from a distant instrument to a device that indicates or records the measurements.” And as far as we’re concerned, anywhere there’s radio waves, wireless transmissions, or distant instruments, there’s an opportunity for Signal Hound radio telemetry equipment in the toolkit 😉

In fact, we just had one customer tell us he’s using his Signal Hound USB-SA44B spectrum analyzer for this exact purpose. Craig Stone, with the Seacoast Utility Authority in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, says:

My company uses radio telemetry with its lift stations and other remote stations. Sometimes a remote radio gets stuck in transmit and blocks communications with all the other radios. I can drive around the service area with the Signal Hound and quickly find the bad radio.

And that’s it. Problem solved. A quick solution for a radio transmission issue.

If you’re working in the wireless industry doing spectrum analysis in the field or interference hunting, check out our tools. Signal Hound devices are low-cost, powerful, and very portable.

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