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Well, the day is finally here, and indeed, it’s been a while in the making.

Between building some great new products (we’re looking at you, BB60C), ramping our production, and supporting all of our awesome users, we found the time to update our software and bring some outstanding features and amazing enhancements to our all of our devices.

It’s always interesting how projects grow within an organization.  For years we have been taking feature requests and bug reports and slowly working the essential fixes into the software that powered our SA and TG-series of devices.  We then launched a new line of products with the BB60A (quickly followed by its successor, the BB60C) which introduced new functionality and a user experience that is distinctly superior to our legacy software.  

As we turned our attention back to our original SA/TG software, we began to realize that creating a common user interface across our whole product line would clearly benefit Signal Hound users. Development ensued, and we immediately began to realize the potential of adding a BB-like interface and features to our existing software. We also saw the elegance of controlling all Signal Hound devices with one application.  Months went by, lots of meetings and testing occurred, and, well, it worked.  Spike was born.

Signal Hound's Spike software in use

Spike easily handles multiple Signal Hound devices

And that’s what today brings.  We’re introducing our new software to the entire community of Signal Hound users, free of charge.  With Spike, you’ll not only achieve the simplicity of only running one application, but you’ll also feel like your old devices are new again.  Sweep speeds have increased, and our TG-series of tracking generators now operate so smoothly that you’d never guess it was the same device.  

You can read the details here, in our press release.  You can also get a great feel for the software by visiting the Spike page, which includes a short video of some of the killer features.

To those that have provided feedback over the years, we thank you.  Our users provide direction for our development, and this will continue as Signal Hound moves forward.

Learn more about Spike and download the software on the Spike page.

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