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Spike’s new RF Mapping analysis mode, and frequency hopping I/Q acquisition for the SM200 via API

Updates to Signal Hound’s custom applications are ongoing. Our talented engineering team continues to add industry-standard features to both our valuable (FREE) Spike RF analysis software, and the Signal Hound SDK. Hit the road with Spike’s new RF mapping feature Recently, our team of software ninjas added an incredible new feature to Spike – RF

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Use Case: Phil Basile, RF Hardware Engineer

Recently, we contacted Phil Basile, president of HiQue RF Technology LLC. Phil is an avid participant in our Facebook group and has a long history of high-end RF hardware development for mission-critical applications. Knowing that Phil uses our gear in his RF research and development processes, we were interested to hear how he uses our

Our NPR Testing Article Featured on MPDigest

If you’re performing NPR testing, check out our article posted over at It give some details and lists the steps for testing NPR using our VSG25A vector signal generator and our BB60C real-time spectrum analyzer. Read the NPR Testing Article It’s a shorter article, but contains some great in-depth details on the process.

HDSDR Software + Your Signal Hound = Software Radio!

We posted this Tweet about HDSDR a month or so ago: Well, we just delivered, and we are now providing the necessary files for interfacing the popular and free SDR software—HDSDR—for all of our receivers. This includes all SA and BB series analyzers. Combining the HDSDR software with your Signal Hound spectrum analyzer turns the

Update Your BB60C to Firmware Version 6

Say this three times fast… “Speed up your streaming switch with 6.” If you are the owner of a BB60C spectrum analyzer, we’re letting you know that we recently released a firmware update, Version 6, for the device that enables faster switching in and out of streaming modes. You can download and update your BB60C

ISO Calibration Services for Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzers

In some areas of work, you can get away with being “close enough.”  In fact, I believe it was my insightful 5th grade teacher, Mr. Watts, who taught me that “close only counts in horseshoes.”  So for those of you throwing horseshoes for a living, if you’re getting close, keep it up! However, if you’re

Troubleshooting with Radio Telemetry Equipment from Signal Hound defines Radio Telemetry as “the use of radio waves for transmitting information from a distant instrument to a device that indicates or records the measurements.” And as far as we’re concerned, anywhere there’s radio waves, wireless transmissions, or distant instruments, there’s an opportunity for Signal Hound radio telemetry equipment in the toolkit 😉 In

New App Note: Noise Power Ratio Testing on a Budget

We just posted a new application note titled “Noise Power Ratio Testing on a Budget” that details NPR testing with our VSG25A vector signal generator. Justin (our head engineer) wrote the app note, and it includes a step-by-step procedure for testing NPR with the VSG25A and our BB60C 9 kHz to 6 GHz spectrum analyzer,

For RF Engineering Students: Multipath Interference Using Signal Hound’s VSG25A Vector Signal Generator and BB60C

Why Multipath Interference? In RF communications, understanding multipath interference is critical to understanding wireless communications in an urban environment.  Generally, multipath propagation leads to undesired effects, such as fading. Recent advances in multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology have actually exploited multipath interference to significantly increase bandwidth. Because of these new technologies, it is more

News Release: Signal Hound Introduces Free Real-Time Digital Modulation Analysis Tools

Signal Hound Introduces Free Real-Time Digital Modulation Analysis Tools Read the News Release (398k PDF)

News Release: Signal Hound Introduces New VSG25A Vector Signal Generator for $495

Signal Hound Introduces New VSG25A Vector Signal Generator for $495 Read the News Release (150k PDF)