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Michael Miller is a sophomore at Hershey High School in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and the word “ambitious” doesn’t even begin to describe this energetic young student. In addition to being involved in the school’s cross country and track programs and a variety of leadership and educational clubs, Michael is also well-versed in the methods of scientific research… and he has the brains to back his interests.

Earlier this year, Michael introduced himself and his scientific endeavors to us via a project summary titled Limiting Cell Phone Radiation Through the Use of Cell Phone Cases, which stated his desires to “measure the quantitative effects when a variety of cases are placed on a cell phone to discover if any reduce radiation emission,” according to the summary. This summary detailed his hypothesis, goals, and the procedures and equipment he required to complete his testing. Michael’s research process required a spectrum analyzer, and we agreed to send him a BB60C USB-powered spectrum analyzer on loan that he was free to use for the duration of the project. As a technology developer and manufacturer we LOVE to see students involved in STEM-related projects, and to see these interests carried to such great lengths is even more exciting.

An image from the report, showing Michael's research setup
An image from the report, showing Michael’s research setup

Michael’s research culminated in a report titled [download id=”68017″ template=”title”]. The report is quite a comprehensive read, especially for any future RF engineering students. And while we haven’t tested and validated Michael’s research, what we can validate is the time, effort, and thoroughness that went into his paper.

If you’d like to see Michael’s report, you can download it here.
(Again, we are providing this for informational purposes only. We did not validate the findings in this report. That being said, it is inspiring to see the effort that went into the study)

Kudos to you Michael. This is impressive. It’s inspiring to know that there are such ambitious minds at work in the classrooms around the world today.