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Spike’s new RF Mapping analysis mode, and frequency hopping I/Q acquisition for the SM200 via API

Updates to Signal Hound’s custom applications are ongoing. Our talented engineering team continues to add industry-standard features to both our valuable (FREE) Spike RF analysis software, and the Signal Hound SDK. Hit the road with Spike’s new RF mapping feature Recently, our team of software ninjas added an incredible new feature to Spike – RF

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News Release: Signal Hound 20 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with SCEPTRE SIGINT Software on Display at AOC, Booth 324

Signal Hound 20 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with SCEPTRE SIGINT Software on Display at AOC, Booth 324 Read the News Release (210k PDF)

SCPI Automation of Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzers

Use Standard Commands for Programmable Instrutments (SCPI) to remotely automate and control your Signal Hound devices.

A fast spectrum analyzer no longer means an expensive analyzer

Did you know you can save money and get high-performance RF analysis at the same time?

How much dynamic range do you really need?

Are you paying too much for a spectrum analyzer with way more dynamic range than you actually need?

SM200A featured by Microwaves and Radio Frequency magazine

A write-up of our latest spectrum analyzer by Microwaves & RF.

An education in the Athens of America – Signal Hound’s experience at (and getting to) IMS 2018

The International Microwave Symposium is always fun, and it was no different in Philadelphia this year. Getting to the show, however, was a different story.

EMC Precompliance with a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer Part 3 — Affordable EMC Precompliance Testing Options

EMC compliance testing is a required process in today’s electronics development environment, but it’s not always a welcome addition to the development budget. This article briefly highlights a few potential options for affordable RF emissions testing.

News Release: Signal Hound Introduces SCPI Compatibility for Automation of their RF Spectrum Analyzers

Read the press release announcing SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) functionality for Signal Hound RF spectrum analyzers

VITA 49 functionality is now in the SM200A spectrum analyzer API

VITA 49 functionality is now a part of our SM200A 20 GHz spectrum analyzer’s API. Learn more about it in this post.

News Release: Signal Hound Introduces VITA 49 Functionality in the SM200A Spectrum Analyzer API

Read the press release for the new VITA 49 functionality in our SM200A API.