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The potential uses for RF spectrum analyzers are so wide and varied that it often takes a lengthy conversation to give even a quick explanation of what, exactly, a spectrum analyzer does. One key use we always mention is the role an RF analyzer can play as a sensor in a spectrum monitoring system – which is becoming more relevant and critical with each passing day.

Spectrum management is the act of monitoring and regulating our airwaves to make sure that all wireless devices and activities stay within their “lanes” during operation. Much like our highway and air traffic systems, if wireless devices stray from their allocated frequency “lanes”, the result would be chaos, and the wireless infrastructure on which our society depends (phones, radio communications, navigation, etc…) would cease to function.

Interfering signals in a crowded spectrum
A crowded spectrum provides plenty of opportunity for interfering signals

In today’s increasingly crowded and globalized wireless environment, effective governmental regulation and spectrum management are both critical for international success and very difficult to accomplish. Governments need to have the most advanced capabilities for field-based spectrum analysis and remote deployment in order to stay ahead of the curve, to catch violators, and to resolve disputes.

Being able to expand their deployment of low-cost remote signal monitoring systems that remain in the field and deliver data, analytics, and alerts to centralized locations is key. Not only do these systems need to be affordable enough for multi-unit deployments at key points in the communications infrastructure; they must also be designed for seamless remote management, such as power cycling, system recovery and pushing out software updates without requiring a truck roll with a field technician.

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Signal Hound RF spectrum analyzers offer portability, capability, and a powerful, flexible API ready for you to work into your spectrum monitoring system. And with a price considerably lower than competing devices, you can even maintain your existing budget while increasing device deployment.

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