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Clint Burgess

In the News: Signal Hound Expands Footprint by Doubling Space at Headquarters Facility

Battle Ground, WA – February 21, 2024 – Signal Hound today announced it is expanding its physical presence by doubling the footprint at their southwest Washington headquarters by 11,000 square feet. The decision to expand operations is a result of Signal Hound’s recent growth and the additional need for increased capacity for current and future

Unveiling the Power of Spike’s Swept Analysis Mode in RF Engineering

In this article, we’re diving into the intricacies of Swept Analysis Mode in our Spike spectrum analyzer software, shedding light on its significance for RF engineers. Understanding this mode is crucial for effective spectrum analysis, regardless of which RF analyzer or analysis software you use. However, we’re specifically working with Signal Hound RF equipment and Spike software for

Signal Hound’s Spike at-a-Glance: Part 2 – APIs and 3rd-party Software

In part 1, we examined Signal Hound’s free Spike™ cross-platform spectrum analysis measurement application and its many capabilities. In part 2, we’ll delve into Signal Hound’s application programming interface (APIs) and how these APIs and support of third-party platforms demonstrate our commitment to continually evolve to meet customers’ needs. Why are APIs useful? Signal Hound

Signal Hound’s Spike at-a-Glance: Part 1 – What is Spike?

Spike™ is Signal Hound’s free cross-platform spectrum analysis measurement application. When a customer purchases a Signal Hound spectrum analyzer, Spike is the main application they will use to control their instruments, and the software can be used with any Signal Hound spectrum analyzer. Spike is a front-end measurement application built on top of each of

Post-IMS wrap-up 2023

Signal Hound put the cap on another successful IMS showcase this month. The event was an outstanding exhibition of the vibrancy of the RF industry and the energy surrounding all the companies who participated in this remarkable trade show. The highlight of this year’s booth activity was the buzz surrounding our latest release, the SP145

The Perfect Carry-On for Avionics Technicians

There are teams within the FAA responsible for monitoring the RF spectrum to ensure all FAA frequencies used for communication, navigation (VHF), radar – and others – are safeguarded from interfering signals. Inference can originate from many sources and create potentially dangerous situations for pilots and passengers alike. Spurious signals can interfere with tower communications,

Don’t Sweat It – Signal Hound Has You Covered

We get it. You’ve been tasked with heading out into the field to perform RF measurements of a mission-critical nature. You power up your trusty spectrum analyzer… and you see the dreaded “error” message.   Or maybe you’re in the lab, working up against a deadline. You fire up your test equipment to perform some

Meet the modern Signal Hound

Remember 2010? It’s hard to believe it was well over a decade ago. That was then It was a time when test and measurement equipment was bigger, heavier, and a lot more expensive. Only a handful of USB-based test devices were available on the market, and though interest was high, skepticism was higher. Signal Hound’s

Great times at the 2022 Association of Old Crows Symposium

It’s official, the Association of Old Crows (AOC) trade show was an outstanding success. The team hit the ground running and saw excellent traffic at our booth throughout the entire show. Interfacing with friends, customers and new acquaintances amounted to a fulfilling week. This show is the perfect environment to show exhibit the incredible capabilities

Owner and CEO Harrison Osbourn interviewed by Portland Business Journal

Signal Hound is in the news! Recently the Portland Business Journal interviewed our new owner and CEO, Harrison Osbourn. This regional press coverage highlights the buzz around Harrison’s purchase of the company and details a bit more about his background and what’s in store for us in the future. Check out the interview on the