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We recently added LTE downlink measurements to our core spectrum analysis software package, Spike. Spike contains an ever-growing list of measurement tools for measuring the world’s most popular communication signals, making Signal Hound and Spike the most cost-effective solution for many communications and network engineers.

LTE analysis mode in Spike

With Spike’s new LTE measurements customers can monitor and scan for LTE downlink signals. Customers can monitor a single frequency or define and select one or more LTE frequency bands to scan. The software quickly scans and displays cell information such as Cell ID, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, MCC/MNC, EARFCN, and SIB1 contents. All scanned cells are tabulated and can be exported for external review. This information is shown alongside standard spectrum analysis plots.

Spike’s new LTE features provide customers with solutions for network coverage testing, cell discovery and monitoring, network verification, antenna characterization and more. As with all of Spike’s updates, the LTE measurements are provided to customers as a free update with Spike version 3.5.21 or newer. The LTE measurements are compatible with the BB60, SM200, and SM435 line of spectrum analyzers on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Download Spike today, and upgrade to LTE analysis at no cost.

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Clint Burgess

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