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It’s no secret: the wireless world is hot. From the top tech companies in the world to homebrew hackers working in their basement, wireless communications are changing the world in exciting ways. Working with radio frequency is standard fare for many in the electronics world, and there are many tools available to help when developing the myriad of electronic devices.

Essential in the toolkit of anyone working in this field is the spectrum analyzer. And, since we think we know a thing or two about spectrum analyzers (we build a few of them, after all), we decided to produce a blog series titled Understanding Real Time Spectrum Analysis to help those curious about these amazing devices and how to use them.

Understanding Real Time Spectrum Analysis

Over the course of the next few weeks, you’ll learn some of the essentials of spectrum analysis as seen through the lens of Signal Hound product developers, although the techniques are applicable to the field of spectrum analysis in general.

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Cory Allen

Cory is a writer and marketing specialist in the RF and test industry, and worked as Signal Hound's marketing director from 2014-2021.

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