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Signal Hound Staff

EMC Precompliance with a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer Part 1 — What Is EMC/EMI And EMC Precompliance?

This is the first post in a series where we take a look at EMI and EMC precompliance using real time spectrum analyzers. Virtually every electronic device, and many non-electronic and natural phenomenon, produce electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can, intentionally or otherwise, interfere with proper electronics operation—electromagnetic interference (EMI). Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the study

Practical Real Time Spectrum Analyzer Applications Part 3 — Capturing Digital Signals with RTSAs and Vector Signal Analysis Tools

This is the third and final post in a multi-part blog series where we take a look at a few practical applications of spectrum analyzers. All wireless telecommunication signals undergo modulation in order to impart a data stream within the RF/microwave carrier. Many modern devices rely on digital modulation techniques in order to efficiently transfer