SM200A / SM200B Downloads

Software and Drivers

Spike Software

  • Spectrum analysis software for all Signal Hound spectrum analyzers.
  • Installs the USB drivers for the SM200.

Signal Hound Software Development Kit

  • Includes SM200 device programming interface.
  • Low level direct device control and measurements.
  • 64/32-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux operating systems.

Product Manuals

All manuals are included with the Spike software installer. For direct manual links see below.

SM200 Product Manual


Please read the release_notes before updating the firmware on the SM200A/B.

Firmware Updater (2/5/2020)

Pre-production Downloads

Software support for pre-production SM200A devices.

Spike with SM200A support (Version 3.1.10) (S/N 17249006 only)

SM200A API Version 1.0.1 (S/N 17249006 only)

Spike with SM200A support (Beta Version 3.1.9) (S/N 17249001 only)

SM200A API Version 1.0.0  (S/N 17249001 only)