6 GHZ Scalar Network Analyzer


6 GHZ Scalar Network Analyzer

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This combo includes a 6 GHz spectrum analyzer and a 12.4 GHz tracking generator. By connecting these devices together (with the included cables) the system functions as a scalar network analyzer, capable of measuring insertion loss at frequencies up to 6 GHz. You can also use the spectrum analyzer by itself for real-time RF spectrum analysis up to 6 GHz!

The following products are included in this combo:

BB60C — 6 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

The Signal Hound BB60C Real-Time RF Spectrum Analyzer and Recorder is a 9 kHz to 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer and RF Recorder with a instantaneous bandwidth of 27 MHz, and sweep speeds of 24 GHz/sec.

USB-TG124A Tracking Generator

The Signal Hound USB-TG124A is a 100 kHz to 12.4 GHz tracking generator which works with your USB-SA124A to measure filters, attenuators, amplifiers and more!

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Item is in stock

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Create your own affordable, high-powered 6 GHz scalar network analyzer (SNA) by combining two popular Signal Hound products: the BB60C 6 GHz spectrum analyzer, and the USB-TG124A tracking generator. This product includes (1) Signal Hound BB60C spectrum analyzer, and (1) Signal Hound USB-SA124A tracking generator.

To learn more about scalar network analysis and how our devices work with Spike, our spectrum analysis software, watch this video:

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