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Glen Gassaway of Southwest EMI in Mesa, Arizona, recently reviewed the new EMC precompliance analysis mode in our Spike software. The verdict? Well, we like this quote:

“Throughout the evaluation, I had absolutely no issue with the software hanging up or lagging. All measurements I took seemed very reasonable. The EMC module is well written and easy to learn. Honestly I wish I had more time in the lab to play with the unit!”

Southwest EMI's Spike EMC Precompliance Testing Setup

A shot of Glen’s desk setup

Over the course of the review Glen goes through the unboxing, setup, and details of using the EMC precompliance testing module. The article is in-depth and includes a number of photos and screenshots… we couldn’t have asked for a more thorough test (or a more competent user, at that rate—Glen has over 30 years of experience in EMI across a variety of fields)!

Read Glen’s review of Spike’s EMC Precompliance module

We’re glad Glen liked the software module, and we’re thinking that those working in a field where EMC compliance is a factor will like it too. The EMC module is a free upgrade, included in Spike, and our BB60C is an affordable, real-time spectrum analyzer. Combine the BB60C with a set of EMC probes and you’ve got a capable, affordable solution for monitoring EMC precompliance during your development cycles.

You can read Glen’s review on the Southwest EMI blog.