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Today marks a significant day in the lifespan of our Spike software. EMC Precompliance is now available as an “Analysis Mode” in the software when connected to a BB60C or BB60A spectrum analyzer. And… we hit version 3.1.0—our first major step up from Spike 3.0!

EMC Precompliance Testing with Signal Hound's Spike

Paired with a BB60C or BB60A, Signal Hound’s Spike software can perform EMC/EMI troubleshooting at a very affordable cost

EMC / EMI Precompliance Features in Spike

Many of our users have been asking for EMC/EMI precompliance testing features for some time now, or have been creating their own solutions using our spectrum analyzers. We’re happy to finally deliver a solution for those requiring this type of analysis.

Complete with quasi-peak detector, bar meter plots, spur tables, custom frequency sweeps, path loss tables, and antenna factor tables for test calibration, Spike 3.1.0 provides a sophisticated and cost-effective solution for identifying the source of EMI in your design, as a troubleshooting aid, when coupled with Signal Hound’s BB60C real time spectrum analyzer and EMC Probes (Editor’s note – to make a radiated power emission measurement, you would ideally need a calibrated antenna).

Other Features in Spike 3.1.0

In addition to the EMC precompliance testing mode, there are a few other significant features worthy of mention in 3.1.0:

  • Can now show/hide the control panels through the file menu
  • Added frequency difference meter utility
  • Added ability to adjust timebase of all spectrum analyzers (see the Spike manual for more information)
  • Phase noise measurements will now have a reference level of -30.0 dBc/Hz instead of 0.0 dBc/Hz
  • The peak left/right implementation has been improved (you can now choose the peak left/right threshold and selectivity values)
  • API files have been moved to a separate download (available on the BB60C / BB60A downloads page)

Ready to get started with latest version of Spike? It’s a free download, as always!

Visit the Spike page to download

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