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These are our kind of people

Our industry is an interesting one. Test and measurement equipment doesn’t quite reach the excitement levels of consumer electronics (wink wink), but without it, the consumer electronics probably wouldn’t make it out to, well, the consumers. If consumer electronics are a niche, then we’re definitely a niche within a niche.

While working in a niche industry can have its challenges, one of the biggest upsides is that we’re a smaller crowd, relatively speaking. Test and measurement folk both read and write content in a fairly concise circle of blogs, publications, and forums. Many of us follow and chat with each other on social media. And every so often we actually get to meet up once in a while—in person(!)—at trade shows and conferences put on by the industry. This is by far our favorite type of communication. To be able to sit and chat with those that keep this industry on the cutting edge is something we look forward to every year.

This is our kind of show

As an engineering-heavy company, we love to build things. We tend to stay in our offices and labs with our heads down, coming up for air only to chat with others on the project or collaborate for help. Time away from the office means time away from working on cool stuff.

Which is why we love IMS.

IMS provides us with an opportunity to move forward with our product development even while we’re away from our workstations. The ideas that we pick up from talking with like-minded individuals is enlightening. It’s refreshing to speak with folks facing the same issues we’re experiencing, be it product-related or marketing challenges. And as a niche-within-a-niche-industry there isn’t room for elbowing, so our conversation is always friendly—even amongst “competitors”. Having the chance to mingle with others in the test and measurement industry is always fun, and we look forward to the momentum it creates in our product development cycle for the course of the following year.

We hope to see you there

IMS is a win-win for us. We get to hang out with great people and have great conversation, then head back home with our heads full of ideas. If you haven’t been before, we’d recommend trying the show so you can do the same. Any time you have this much experience gathered together all at the same time—regardless of the industry—you can’t help but grow in your own knowledge. That, and you get to check out all of the latest and greatest gear too.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about heading down, be sure to use this link to register. On the registration form, check the box to enter a promo code and paste XO267-8239 into the promo code field. That’ll get you a free entry into the exhibit area, where you can come chat with us in booth #2320. 

Seriously. Swing in, and say hi. We love to talk with our customers and folks interested in using our products.

About the Author

Cory Allen

Cory is a writer and marketing specialist in the RF and test industry, and worked as Signal Hound's marketing director from 2014-2021.

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