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Microwaves & RF Video Interview with Bruce Devine at IMS 2017

Microwaves & RF stopped by our booth at IMS last week and shot a quick video of Bruce talking about our new SM200A spectrum analyzer. We’re big fans of Microwaves & RF… their ability to cover news quickly and comprehensively is very appreciated in the tech industry!

Fine-tuning your Emergency Communications Setup and Knowledge with Commsprepper

YouTube publisher Commsprepper knows his stuff when it comes to emergency communications. One glance at his list of videos reveals a guy who is not only varied in his knowledge of wireless field operations, but also extremely passionate. Amateur radio enthusiasts are a large subset of Commsprepper’s followers, and for good reason. While the spin

QST Reviews Our 4.4 GHz Scalar Network Analyzer

A few years ago, we sent the devices in our 4.4 GHz scalar network analyzer product combo to the editors of QST magazine for a review. They received the USB-SA44B and USB-TG44A in brand-new, just-off-the-manufacturing-line condition, and we were really excited to get some feedback from such veterans in the field. We anxiously waited. And then we waited some

Video: TRXBench Reviews Our 4.4 GHz Scalar Network Analyzer

YouTube user TRXBench recently posted an amazingly thorough and in-depth review of our 4.4 GHz scalar network analyzer. Coming in at just over 2 hours and 15 minutes (wow!), the video goes through couple different processes, covering everything from unboxing and software installation to use and experiments. If you’ve ever been curious as to how

VSG25A Highlighted in Microwave Journal Low-cost Test Equipment Video

Okay, so maybe this was technically posted last year, but that was still only a few weeks ago at this point. Microwave Journal Editors Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude present a brief holiday-themed rundown of smaller, low-cost test equipment products that were released during 2015. The VSG25A vector signal generator was first amongst the mentions.

Our NPR Testing Article Featured on MPDigest

If you’re performing NPR testing, check out our article posted over at It give some details and lists the steps for testing NPR using our VSG25A vector signal generator and our BB60C real-time spectrum analyzer. Read the NPR Testing Article It’s a shorter article, but contains some great in-depth details on the process.

Exclusive Microwaves & RF interview with our CEO, Bruce Devine

Jean-Jacques DeLisle, technical editor at Microwaves & RF published an Inside Track interview with Bruce regarding USB-powered test equipment. Bruce states in the article: “…enough momentum has gathered that the notion of serious USB-powered test equipment is no longer foreign. More and more customers are embracing USB-powered test equipment. With its compact footprint and rich features,

Awesome USB-SA44B Review in Silicon Chip Magazine

Silicon Chip magazine, an Australian publication dedicated to electronics professionals, tradespeople, and enthusiasts, published an excellent review of our USB-SA44B spectrum analyzer.  Writer Jim Rowe details his setup and use experience in a well-written, screenshot-infused article that gives a great first-hand account of setting up and running an SA44B for the first time, and the

Video: Bruce Chats with RCR Wireless’ Kelly Hill

RCR Wireless News just published an article highlighting our company, and includes and excellent 20-minute long interview video with our CEO, Bruce Devine. Bruce and Kelly Hill talk about where Signal Hound came from, our roots in test equipment, how we see the industry using our spectrum analyzers, and why we think that high-quality, affordable