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Cory Allen

Cory is a writer and marketing specialist in the RF and test industry, and worked as Signal Hound's marketing director from 2014-2021.

BB60C Calibration Software Released

Editor’s note—Signal Hound calibration software now works for all Signal Hound devices, not just the BB60C. We just released version 1.0.0 of our new BB60C spectrum analyzer calibration software, for those who need it and can use it. This is a PC-based application for running performance verification tests, and making adjustments to the Signal Hound BB60C

Come See Us at the AOC Convention in DC Next Month

We’re heading out to Washington DC next month, from October 7th – 9th, to show our Signal Hound USB spectrum analyzers at the 51st Annual Association of Old Crows Convention.  The engineers who create our products will be there, with software and hardware demos in effect. So, bring all of your questions, and come chat

Video: Watch as the BB60C Locates and Analyzes a Bluetooth Signal

Signal Hound’s own software engineer, AJ Montgomery, demonstrates how our affordable spectrum analyzer, the BB60C, can be used to locate and analyze a Bluetooth signal in real-time.  The video also gives a quick but comprehensive overview into the power and functionality of the software. It’s just over eight minutes long, and offers a great example

EDN’s Kenneth Wyatt Reviews our BB60C Spectrum Analyzer

In the words of Mr. Wyatt: “In summary, I’m quite impressed with the capability and features of this real time analyzer. I’ve seen spectral issues of devices that simply couldn’t be seen using a regular spectrum analyzer with the inherently slower sweep speeds. This would be a valuable tool for troubleshooting intermittent EMI issues or

Watch Bruce chat with Wireless Design and Development about the BB60C

Watch our very own Bruce Devine chat with Wireless Design & Development‘s Meaghan Ziemba about the killer features of our latest affordable spectrum analyzer, the BB60C. Bruce talks about the BB60C’s potential as a platform for a variety of spectrum analysis-related uses, including remote monitoring. Check out the 7 minute video here:

Signal Hound Highlighted as One of the Ten Hottest Companies at IMS 2014

Wireless Design & Development magazine lists the 10 most innovative companies and products they found at IMS 2014. First up in the video roundup? You guessed it… Signal Hound! The article and video highlight the release of the BB60C spectrum analyzer, as well as the fact that the BB60A took the show’s ECN Impact Award in the Test

Electronic Design includes the BB60C in a Test and Measurement Roundup

Richard Gawel at features the BB60C real-time spectrum analyzer in a roundup of seven test and measurement solutions. The article highlights the BB60C’s affordable price, real-time capabilities, frequency range, and the fact device operates accurately between –40°C to 65°C. Read the roundup at the electronic design website.