The new SP145 14.5 GHz spectrum analyzer is available now!→

In the words of Mr. Wyatt:

“In summary, I’m quite impressed with the capability and features of this real time analyzer. I’ve seen spectral issues of devices that simply couldn’t be seen using a regular spectrum analyzer with the inherently slower sweep speeds. This would be a valuable tool for troubleshooting intermittent EMI issues or identifying problems with wireless transmitters. The persistence mode is a useful tool for identifying infrequent signals. While the real time mode is limited to just 27 MHz due to the processing limitations of todays laptops, it is still very useful in capturing fast responding signals. It’s easy to save screen shots using the built-in function. I love the small size and the fact I can carry a high performance 6 GHz analyzer in my briefcase.”

We couldn’t agree more.  For all the details, see part one of the review here: Part two of the review is located here: