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Last week we released the Signal Hound Software Development Kit (SDK) on our site, which bundles a few different software components together into one convenient package. Among these components are the new VRT VITA-49 source code, manual, and examples – all of which pertain to our new SM200A 20 GHz analyzer.

Those of you who know what VITA-49 is require no explanation – you already know that this functionality greatly enhances the usefulness of an RF spectrum analyzer for certain applications. For those that don’t know, here’s a blurb from the release:

“The VME bus International Trade Association (VITA) 49 standard defines a packet-based exchange protocol for RF devices such as spectrum analyzers and SDR receivers. The standard is intended to increase interoperability within RF systems by providing a communications format that is hardware and supplier-independent.”

In other words, the VITA standard creates an industry-standard wrapper for RF data to streamline the delivery and processing of the data.

A handy feature, no doubt, especially for those working in spectrum monitoring applications.

Read the press release

You can read the press release online, or download the press release in PDF format.

Download our SDK and get the VITA 49 packages

For those interesting in learning about and working with our SDK, you can download the package from the SDK page.

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