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We released Spike v3.0.22 today, featuring the following enhancements and fixes:






  • Changed Native/Non-Native RBW selection to Nutall/Flattop, respectively (these terms are more descriptive and useful when making measurements)
  • Added CISPR defined RBW filters (these RBW filters provide the 6dB bandwidth and shape that is desired for EMC/EMI measurements)
  • Increased marker resolution in zero-span mode
  • Can now import up to three path loss tables
  • Can now import an antenna factor correction table
  • Added path loss table dialog
  • Path loss table file names will be stored with presets, and will be loaded when loading a preset
  • Added button to copy symbols to system clipboard in modulation analysis mode
  • Increased largest FFT based RBW to 120kHz from 100kHz for the SA series devices

Bug fixes

  • Certain text displays should now be more usable and visible when Windows text scaling is above 100% (this affects users with high DPI displays)
  • Fixed issue with zero-span IQ save files being recorded into the parent directory
  • Various minor bug fixes

As always, this is a free upgrade. Visit the Spike page to download the software.