Signal Hound Repair and Calibration Services

Signal Hound provides repair and calibration services for all RF test and measurement products that we manufacture. If you have questions about service, repair, calibration, or warranty-related inquiries for your Signal Hound device, contact us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE—While our calibrations are traceable to NIST, we are not accredited by an outside inspection body under ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 or ANSI/ISO/IEC 17025:2000 standards. If you require a calibration from an accredited calibration lab, see our 3rd Party Spectrum Analyzer Calibration Services page.

STREP & Calibration Pricing

Our standard repair pricing (STREP) is as follows:

ModelEvaluation FeeCalibration with DataSTREP (including Calibration w/ Data)Rechamber
BB60C Type-1$100$190$735$200
BB60C Type-2$100$190$640$200
SA124B Type-1$100$190$735$200
SA124B Type-2$100$190$700$200

To ensure each repair meets our specifications, we perform a Field Calibration on all devices before they leave the facility.  This is reflected in the STREP pricing.

Every paid service repair includes a calibration certificate with a printed data packet. Warranty repairs are calibrated, but no data or certificate of calibration is provided, unless a calibration is purchased.

Note—As of July 2020, calibration pricing changed on some units. The table above reflects the current price.

About Our Evaluation Fee

Every RMA includes a $100 evaluation fee. This fee is credited towards any calibration and repair services that are charged.

A few notes about the $100 evaluation fee:

  • The evaluation fee will not be charged if we judge the repair to be covered under warranty due to manufacturer defect.
  • No $100 evaluation fee will be charged if an instrument is determined to be BER (Beyond Economical Repair).
  • If the repair is not covered under warranty, then repair charges will apply in lieu of the evaluation fee.
  • The $100 fee will be charged if:
    • The customer declines to pay for a repair when damage is not covered under warranty
    • There is No Problem Found, even when the instrument is under warranty.

NOTEUpgrade Your NPF to a Calibration Cert for a Nominal Fee
Did you know Signal Hound offers a great add-on to our exceptional repair and calibration services? We charge a $100 evaluation fee for every RMA. In the case where the product is deemed NPF (no problem found), you can apply that $100 evaluation fee toward a Calibration Certification. Normally, a Calibration Cert. can cost $125, $190 or $375, depending on the product. With the $100 credit from the RMA, this additional documentation is available to you at a significant discount. This service provides you with calibration data, certification, and a sticker. It is one more way that we give outstanding service to our customers and provide you with additional information and peace of mind regarding your Signal Hound product.

Rechamber Fee

For SM-, BB-, and SA-series spectrum analyzers, a $200 rechambering fee will apply if the instrument has failed calibration due to component drift and not outright hardware failure.  If this is the case, the customer will be notified and must approve the charge before the repair can continue. In the case of a Calibration, this fee will be in addition to the Calibration charge.

Warranty-related Notes

Below are a few items related to repairs covered by our warranty—

  • Our warranty does not cover customer damage (and yes, opening the unit could void the warranty)

    Examples of customer damage our warranty does not cover:
    • SMA connector is torn off the circuit board 
    • Bent connectors
    • Customer attempted repairs that were not done in a workmanship-like manner
    • Altered enclosures or boards
    • Corrosion from saltwater damage

  • A proof of purchase is required for warranty coverage to verify the start date of the warranty
    • If a product was purchased from a distributor, proof of purchase from the distributor is required. Signal Hound does not keep record of when a distributor ships product to their customers. The date which product is shipped to customer defines the beginning of warranty period, provided the product was held by distributor for less than 6 months. Note – In the rare case where Signal Hound dropships to a customer on behalf of a distributor, Signal Hound has record of the ship date.
    • The warranty is honored if the RMA is issued on or before the end date of the warranty period.

For International Customers

For those sending units under an RMA to Signal Hound from a non-US point of origin:

  1. When sending a unit to Signal Hound under an RMA, please use the following HTS code: 9801.00.1012. Using this code ensures no duties or fees are charged when sending the unit for servicing. Signal Hound will use the Schedule B code: 9801.10.0000 when returning the unit. This code will also insure than no duties or fees are charged to international customers for sending the unit back.
  2. Please note that if the customer does not use HTS code 9801.00.1012 when sending Signal Hound their RMA, then the customer will be responsible for the resulting Customs duties and/or fees and will be billed by Signal Hound for these fees.

Questions about service for your Signal Hound device? Contact us for more information.