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A classic November day, just outside the Signal Hound shop

Here in the United States, on the last Thursday of November, we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time we try and forget about the busyness of work and life for a few days, and try and focus on the things we have that really matter. Many countries have a variation on this theme, and it’s a great way to reflect on the things we’re given, especially as life seems to speed up daily and the never-ending items on a to-do list are all we really ever seem to see.

So, in doing this, we’d like to take a brief minute to thank each and every Signal Hound customer that we’ve ever had.  For the last five years we’ve been working our hearts out trying to deliver the best products for the money, and we’ve had a great time doing it.  Our business has grown significantly over the years, and it’s all thanks to you.

This isn’t some silly marketing gimmick to play off of the holiday, but a sincere shout-out to you all.  We may not have any Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday blowouts, but we do have absolute appreciation of our users. We talk about it in our shop daily—without the feedback and support of those in the field and in the labs, we wouldn’t have a product.  You force us to re-examine what we believed to be the best solution, cause us to revise, and, in turn, produce a greater product than we originally envisioned.

Again, thanks to all of you, our Signal Hound users.  Thanks for the support, and here’s to the future.  Continue to provide feedback and work with us on the products, and we’ll continue to deliver the best spectrum analyzers you can buy at this price point.  USB-powered spectrum analyzers are our world, and we love knowing that they help you in yours.