Data Fields
SmDeviceDiagnostics Struct Reference

#include <sm_api.h>

Data Fields

float voltage
float currentInput
float currentOCXO
float current58
float tempFPGAInternal
float tempFPGANear
float tempOCXO
float tempVCO
float tempRFBoardLO
float tempPowerSupply

Detailed Description

For troubleshooting purposes. For standard diagnostics use smGetDeviceDiagnostics

Field Documentation

◆ voltage

float voltage

Device voltage

◆ currentInput

float currentInput

Input current

◆ currentOCXO

float currentOCXO

OCXO current

◆ current58

float current58


◆ tempFPGAInternal

float tempFPGAInternal

FPGA core/internal temp

◆ tempFPGANear

float tempFPGANear

Temp near FPGA

◆ tempOCXO

float tempOCXO

OCXO temperature

◆ tempVCO

float tempVCO

VCO temperature

◆ tempRFBoardLO

float tempRFBoardLO

Temperature on RF board LO

◆ tempPowerSupply

float tempPowerSupply

Power supply temperature

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