Data Fields
saIQPacket Struct Reference

#include <sa_api.h>

Data Fields

float * iqData
int iqCount
int purge
int dataRemaining
int sampleLoss
int sec
int milli

Detailed Description

Used to encapsulate I/Q data and metadata. See saGetIQData.

Field Documentation

◆ iqData

float* iqData

Pointer to an array of 32-bit complex floating-point values. Complex values are interleaved real-imaginary pairs. This must point to a contiguous block of iqCount complex pairs.

◆ iqCount

int iqCount

Number of I/Q data pairs to return.

◆ purge

int purge

Specifies whether to discard any samples acquired by the API since the last time and saGetIQData function was called. Set to SA_TRUE if you wish to discard all previously acquired data, and SA_FALSE if you wish to retrieve the contiguous I/Q values from a previous call to this function.

◆ dataRemaining

int dataRemaining

How many I/Q samples are still left buffered in the API. Set by API.

◆ sampleLoss

int sampleLoss

Returns SA_TRUE or SA_FALSE. Will return SA_TRUE when the API is required to drop data due to internal buffers wrapping. This can be caused by I/Q samples not being polled fast enough, or in instances where the processing is not able to keep up (underpowered systems, or other programs utilizing the CPU) Will return SA_TRUE on the capture in which the sample break occurs. Does not indicate which sample the break occurs on. Will always return SA_FALSE if purge is true. Set by API.

◆ sec

int sec

Seconds since epoch representing the timestamp of the first sample in the returned array. Set by API.

◆ milli

int milli

Milliseconds representing the timestamp of the first sample in the returned array. Set by API.

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