I/Q Full Band

Full band I/Q captures are a special measurement mode that allow users to capture short acquisitions at the full base band rate. Up to 32k samples can be captured at the 500MS/s baseband rate, representing a ~65us capture length. Captures can be external or video triggered (with the right configuration). The measurement can also be swept (a sequence of captures at different frequencies). Swept captures cannot be triggered and are performed by stepping the LO and performing an I/Q acquisition at each frequency step. The frequency can be tuned in 39.0625MHz steps (the native hardware resolution). The capture is AC coupled, and will exhibit a notch in the center of the baseband capture. Sweeps can cover > 1THz per second worth of spectrum.

Examples of full band I/Q captures can be found in the examples folder in the SDK.

Video Triggering

Video triggering full band I/Q captures is only available for the following devices.

  • SM200C - FW version 7.7.5 or newer.
  • SM435C - All

None of the USB SM models support full band I/Q captures with video triggering.