Not ready to buy? Try our test equipment rental program.

A fraction of the cost

Signal Hound now offers a test equipment rental program for those wanting to try our devices within their unique application, without having to allocate funds to the full cost of a product. Our intention is to offer an affordable, low-risk method of assessing our RF test and measurement equipment with as few hoops as possible.

Our rental program is straightforward – the monthly rental cost is just 6% of the retail cost of the device, with an additional month’s rent as a deposit (and yes, the deposit is fully refundable). Once the initial payment is squared away, we’ll ship the device to you to use for an indeterminate amount of time – as long as you’re paying the rent, you can continue using the device! Our fully calibrated rental products are identical to our devices for sale, right down to the cables, adapters, and software included with the device. This includes Spike™, our spectrum analysis and device control software, and our API, providing you with the full Signal Hound experience for just a fraction of the cost.

See our official rental program page

So just how much, exactly?

Here are the monthly rental costs of some of our most popular devices:

Signal Hound DeviceRetail CostMonthly Rental Fee
BB60C 6 GHz real-time spectrum
SM200B 20 GHz real-time analyzer
and spectrum monitoring receiver
SA44B 4.4 GHz spectrum analyzer$1005$60

Say, for example, that you wanted to try out our SM200A analyzer for a couple months. You’d end up paying $1500 to get a feel for the analyzer, experience the Spike™ software, and to really put the device through the paces to make sure it works for you. If you’re finished with the rental at that point, simply contact our rental department and set up the return. We’ll refund your deposit upon receipt and inspection of the rented device, and you’re done… that’s it!

Signal Hound test equipment rental units
A queue of Signal Hound devices just waiting to be rented!

Wait! What if we want to keep using the device?

If the device ends up working for your application and you love it… fantastic! Contact us for return instructions and send the rental device back to Signal Hound. Upon Signal Hound’s receipt and inspection of the device, we will then sell you a brand-new version of the same device, applying 30% of your rental fees as a discount on the cost of the new device.

Starting the rental process

If you’re interested in renting Signal Hound test equipment, visit our rental page at From there you can download the necessary forms to get started, find the contact details for our rental department, and hopefully get answers to any questions you have about renting Signal Hound products. If not, give us a call!